Chemcrest - Mouldings


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Chemcrest Inc. offers hundreds of moulding profiles for either Interior or Exterior use.

Intricate detailed patterns, combined with crisp clean lines, set Chemcrest Inc. mouldings apart from the competition.

Chemcrest Inc. mouldings are available in different materials including High Density Polyurethane, Flex Urethane, High Density Polystyrene and Low Density Polystyrene.

Woodgrain profiles, when “Gel” stained, replicate the beauty of natural wood without the normal rotting and cracking associated with it.

Chemcrest Inc. polyurethane mouldings are lightweight and far easier to install than traditional plaster and cast products of yesterday.

A factory applied primer is standard on all products, though on site, finishing is required.



  • Mouldings
  • Flat Boards
  • Corner Blocks
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