Ice and Water Install  

Ice & Water Shield® Self-Adhered Underlayment

Grace Ice & Water Shield® fully-adhered smooth surface roofing underlayment provides best in class roof leak protection. Its proprietary and time tested rubberized asphalt formulation has been proven to form a watertight bond with the roof deck and to seal around fasteners used to attach roof coverings. When it comes to roof protection, insist on the original – Grace Ice & Water Shield® roofing underlayment.

Highest quality seal around roofing fasteners — Delivers best in class roof leak protection
Provides confidence that your client’s roof won’t leak

Best adhesion to the roof deck — Helps ensure watertight seal
Prevents costly leaks caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain

Forms superior laps — Provides watertight installation with NO special treatment of the laps
Premium leak protection without additional labor time

Ripcord® – Split Release On Demand —Makes it easier to waterproof detail areas such as valleys, chimneys,
roof to wall transitions
Robust protection of the roof’s most vulnerable areas

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Grace Ice & Water Shield HT (High Temperature) Grace Ice & Water Shield® HT is an excellent high temperature ice and water barrier that follows in the footsteps of the original Ice and Water Shield®, but is specially formulated to meet the higher service temperatures that often encountered in metal roofing systems. The product is formulated with a proprietary adhesive with temperature resistance of up to 260°F. The membrane forms a watertight bond to the roof deck, and seals around fasteners to around the nail of the primary roof covering and thus maintains its waterproof integrity on the roof deck. It also creates a strong bond to the roof deck and delivers optimal balance of adhesion & thermal stability for superior performance under the most demanding conditions.

  • 240°F Thermal Stability
  • Post-consumer recycled content
  • Slip Resistant Walking surface
  • UV Resistant Film provides 120 days of exposure time
  • Superior deck adhesion and lap strength
  • Membrane will not crack, dry out, rot or run

Roof Detail Membrane     Roof Detail Membrane Roof Detail Membrane (IWS)
  • Protection for Leak-Prone Roof Detail Areas
  • Easy to Install - RIPCORD "split release on demand"
  • Flexible flashing specifically designed for roofing details
  • Best Adhesion - time-tested rubberized asphalt formulation
  • Can be left exposed for up to a full 30 days
  • Highest quality seal around roofing fasteners
Grace Select

Grace Select® Self-Adhered Underlayment

A high performance, easy-to-apply, economical underlayment designed for use in wind driven rain applications and ice dams where code based standards of protection are sufficient.

  • Easy to handle and apply
  • Unique price point
  • Half the weight of granular (25 mm)
  • RIPCORD® “Split release on demand”
  • Re-roofable

Grace Tri-Flex (Synthetic Underlayment)

  • Installs quickly - one roll equals 5 rolls of felt
  • Installs under shingles, tile, slate, metal or cedar shakes
  • 20 times stronger than felt - will not rip or tear away from nails
  • Allows you to dry-in (exposed up to 6 months)
  • Full 25 year warranty
  • Slip Resistant
  • Weighs only 28lbs
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