LOMANCO Gable Vents

Gable Louvers (100 Series)

Gable Vent
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Used for flush mounting
  • Embossed painted finish for added strength, extended paint life, durability, and blending appearance with shingles
  • Machine tab-fold construction
  • Wide mounting flange
  • Built-in weather protection
  • Perma-coated screen attached for insect protection


Triangular Gable Vent (900 Series)


Triangular Gable Vent

  • All-aluminum construction, rust-free vari-pitch louver. Adjustable from 2.5/12 to 9/12 roof pitches
  • Unique pivoting blades provide maximum weather protection
  • Perma-coated screen provided
  • Wide mounting flange

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