LOMANCO Ridge Vents
Lo-Omni Roll  


  • Compact rolls are easy to handle
  • Includes two coils of 1 3/4" nails
  • Full 11 Sq. In. of Net Free Area per Linear Foot
  • Can be Cut At One Foot Intervals
  • Molded Centerline - for Fast and Easy Alignment.
  • Omni baffles means air flow from any direction
  • Nail holes marked every 6" - will not crush down
  • Superior weather protection and performance
  • Lifetime Ltd Warranty

Lo-Omni Roll


  • Internal aerodynamic curved baffles
  • Weatherproof under lapping joints
  • External perpendicular omni baffles
  • Moulded nail lines and centerlines - Easy Alignment
  • 30-year transferable warranty

  • Nail holes every 6"
  • External perpendicular omni baffles
  • Easy Alignment
  • Eight drain holes per foot
  • Weather protected - External water shield, Weatherproof under-lapping joint


  • Internal Curved Baffles
  • Weatherproof Under lapping
  • 9" Net Free Area per Linear Foot
  • Use with Lomanco intake vents for a complete Ventilation System SOLUTION!
  • External Perpendicular Omni Baffles
  • Four Drain Holes per Foot
  • Functional ventilation for where your roof joins the wall

LPR8 Ridge Vent

• Pre-punched nail holes
Easy installation: male/female connections
• Full 18 of net free area per linear foot
Embossed painted finishes - For added strength, extended paint life, durability and blending with shingles
• Adjustable from 3/12 top 12/12 roof pitches

VUR8 VALUE Ridge Vents

  • Nailing flange with pre-notched nail holes
  • Adjusts from 3/12 to 8/12 pitches
  • Full 18 Sq. In. of Net Free Area per Linear Foot

  • Three baffles provide maximum air-flow and weather protection
  • 8 Foot - Embossed aluminum rust-free construction
  • Easy installation, male/female connections - no straps necessary

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