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Protect your building with the TYPAR® Weather Protection System

Protect your building with the TYPAR® Weather Protection System and the full line of TYPAR® construction products.

No matter the type of building TYPAR provides a comfortable, sustainable environment.

TYPAR Weather Protection System Products:

 Typar HouseWrap    

 A key component of the TYPAR Weather Protection System to incorporate into your home plans to assure long-term client satisfaction and reduce your risk of callbacks for moisture intrusion and damage.

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 typar flashing
typar flashings

TYPAR Flashing AT is flashing for any area in All Temperatures.
TYPAR Flashing RA™ offers affordable, best-in-class performance.
TYPAR Flashing Flex is perfect for sealing around arched windows.

TYPAR Construction Tape provides a powerful bond at the seams and edges to assure proper system performance.  

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 Typar Surround    
surround SR

Weather Resistant Barriers for roofing deck applications when protection from moisture is key to assuring the lifespan of the roof and the long-term durability of the home.

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 Typar MetroWrap    
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Weather Resistant Barrier for commercial applications, bringing an increased level of toughness and protection to commercial buildings and multi-family dwellings. It’s engineered to withstand wind pressure and elements above four stories.

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Other Products that Can be Used with Typar:

Tuck Tape

Tuck Tape

Construction Seal Tape


Roofing Cap Hammers.