Stinger - Just Cap It

STINGER is a revolutionary new method for fastening roofing insulation, wool blanket, and sarking to roofs and exterior walls. STINGER cap and staple systems offer better holding power and moisture protection than traditional staples for best practice installation.

Stinger Aisle Merchandiser

  • Place in your store to advertise and sell the Stinger
  • Holds up to 12 tools and 12 boxes of fasteners
  • Dimensions: 2'W x 2'D x 4'H
  • Advertises, holds and stores Stinger products 

Stinger Cap Hammers

Just cap it to keep out moisture and provide better holding power.

Stinger Cap Staplers (Pneumatic)

Cap it with air to keep out moisture & provide better holding power.

Stinger Cap Nailer (Pneumatic)

Nail it and cap it fast. Seals out moisture and secures automatically.