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What is Wedi & Why Should you Insist on Using it?

Wedi waterproof shower systems offer the only complete, reliable, cost-efficient solution for constructing 100 % waterproof and mold proof showers.

  • WATERPROOF - unlike other shower pans and backer boards Wedi is 100% guaranteed waterproof.
  • MOLD & MILDEW PROOF - Wedi is made of material that mold cannot feed on.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Wedi is installed much faster than other products and requires less man power, saving labour costs and speeding completion times.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Wedi is made of light weight polystyrene foam and can be easily cut on site with a utility knife.
  • GUARANTEED - Wedi backs their products with a 10yr Limited Warranty.


Fundo Shower Kits

• 100% waterproof & mould proof showers
• Pre-sloped, ready-to-tile shower pans
• Industry's only UPC and IPC compliant field



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For More Information Download Wedi Documents Below:

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Wedi Shower and Spa Shower and Spa Solutions Brochure .pdf Wedi 2.17 MB Download
Wedi Technical Handbook Wedi Product Brochure and Technical Handbook .pdf Wedi 8.72 MB Download
Wedi Building Panels vs Traditional Waterproofing over Cementboard .pdf 1.98 MB Download